Video Marketing

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

Imagine your customers having to wade through that many words just to get a handle on your product or service proposition! Well in reality we know that nobody in their right mind is going to waste such an inordinate amount of their valuable time.

However, you need to be able to give your customers enough of what they need to fulfil their buyer intent. But like most things in life – it’s all a balance. In this case a balance between enough content and total overkill.

But here’s the thing; not enough meaningful content will have your visitors leaving your website in droves and that can have a negative impact on your rankings. Google consider that quick exits or ‘bounces’ are an important SEO signal because it can mean your website is just not relevant to a users’ search query.

What can you do to engage your visitors so they stay around long enough to increase the likelihood of them following your call to action while at the same time reducing your bounce rates? Well one of the most effective ways we know is by adding a video to your website.

Use video to increase your sales

Research suggests adding a video will increase the chances of someone taking action ie make a purchase or a booking from your website by over 130% and doubles the time spent on your page as a result. By the way, the average time spent on a home page is just 8 seconds – so video is great at reducing ‘bounce’.

Let your video do the talking and tell the story of your business.

Video is 10 times more likely to be shared than blog or related social media posts.



How about if people could find your video on Google and You Tube? After all, You Tube is the second largest search engine and the worlds third largest website following Facebook.

A while back we saw a distinct gap in the market in combining our video production service (see examples of videos above) and an optimisation and ranking service aimed at positioning our clients videos high on You Tube and Google Videos. Some of these videos have found their way onto the first page of Google’s * main results too.

This service has benefits way beyond the obvious. We’ve noticed for many clients’ that their associated website has increased in rankings as a direct result of optimising their video for You Tube. Sometimes, even opening up a passive income stream by allowing You Tube adverts to run at the beginning of their videos.

Today, customers are showing a preference towards watching and listening – just look at the popularity of You Tube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and other video content providers. With over 300 hours of video content added to You Tube every 60 seconds you can see how popular video has become.

Video really needs to be considered an essential part of your online marketing and is now an expected addition to websites. It’s particularly attractive for time poor – busy people who often need information quickly and even whilst on the go. Observe the amount of people travelling by public transport all hooked up to their smart devices watching and listening to video!

Video when added to your website, blog or as part of your social media, sms or email campaigns is proven to increase engagement leading to more conversions.

We are more than happy to optimise and rank your existing videos that would benefit from a boost on You Tube and  Google Videos.

Contact us for a relaxed – zero obligation – friendly – informative discussion about your needs –  and a quote!


* Location based shoots to showcase your business on the world stage.

* Location based interviews and walkabout of your premises showing your USP and service proposition

* Showcase video of your business as a point of interest in your local community

* Explainer video – how to/instruction videos

* Explainer reviews – we can create them without even visiting your premises

* Video creation of e-learning courses

*Tourism related videos

* Events

* Festivals and concerts

* Aerial videos using drones

* Full optimisation and ranking services